sexta-feira, 24 de junho de 2016

I'm coming back!

Hi! Well, after a long time without posting anything here, I'm back XD
I'm thinking about do a facebook page, so will be more easier to post and let this blog die, since will be the same content there. 

Look, I'm always in fb so we'll be looking to each other more fast, aren't we?

I'm still posting on my YT channel, so please, take a look there and in my sc of course! 

This morning I was recording SISTAR's new song "I like that" and is good! I didn't think it'll be since I give the first hear and was just like "wooo i like that" haha~~ 

Hope you'll like my cover too >.< 
Maybe will be post in this night, I don't know, if I finish the mixing, will be today, but in sc. I always post audio there before the video is out, so stay tuned ^^

sexta-feira, 18 de setembro de 2015

I'm missing you, guys ;-;

Has a little time, that I didn't upload anything here. I'm sorry. I still missing you everyday, guys, but I didn't have time to do this before. 

First of all:

I will comeback. I will put the old covers and collabs on my channel someday and this day is most closer than ever! I'm feeling it! 
I will try out a new thing, so please, give me a little time, everything will be fine. 

I'm working on my book now. I'm trying to put out a good work since this can be my first release and is much important to me~~ 

I hope you understand. I know that I'm not even famous so this won't be needed but I want put it out, so you can know. I'm not stoped on the ground. I'm working for a awesome book for my readers, so, please, let me touch the sky trying be a writer ~~ XD 

I hope everyone understand and support me! Thank you!

segunda-feira, 22 de junho de 2015

SNSD - Catch Me If You Can (Jap - OT9 Version)

To be honest, I do not think Jessica add something to the song. I like your "I'll find my heart" and the high note, but it's just strange to see it now in the group.

I cried so much when I read all about it left the group, which is supposed to be their life and love, and now, when I see what she's saying things like "I'm a woman and I can not be happy all the time, like me, like before, "I feel like something lost. I'm not saying it has to lie to look more nice, but it's like she can not stand girls who are like sisters to her for almost 10 years (and more, you know, I'm talking about trainee time too).
So now, I want her back to the group. I miss his voice and his lazy dance, but being honest, do not look like SNSD miss something because all 09 girls are amazing in what form.
And the last: I liked more Sooyoung mid-high line before Taengoo Jessica, but I do not hate it, it's just what I feel / think about it.

quarta-feira, 27 de maio de 2015

Requests are OPEN!

Hello, everybody! I received A LOT of requests requesting (?) to open again this, so I decided do your wish true XD ANNNNNNNNND open the list of request again.

NOTE: I don't will cover songs I don't like, but if you know some song and want I cover this, don't be afraid, say to me and I will think about ^^~

You can request with a COMMENT or going to LINK.

White list:

*NOTE: I don't know if I will do all those languages, but I just mark here, so I can remember to write the lyrics! Some of you are asking for dance covers, and I will do them of course, but please, wait a little to see it!

- Taeyeon - Romantic Cat (PT-ENG-SPA-KOR-MT LG - LIVE) @Lilly Kim
-  Jimin - Hopeless Love (PT-ENG-SPA-KOR-MT LG - LIVE) @Lilly Kim
- Taeyeon - You are everything to me (PT-ENG-SPA-KOR- MT LG - LIVE) @Himmi
- AZU - For You (PT-ENG-SPA-KOR-MT LG - LIVE) @Himmi
- Junsu - Sorry / Breath In Love @Himmi
- Rainbow - Black Swan (ENG) @Daichi'
- Gain - Paradise Lost (SPA-ENG) @RedApple

Black list:

sábado, 16 de maio de 2015

Instrumental & MR Removed & Edit

Another fast post, btw.
I'm just here to say, if I do editions and instrumentals, and anything like this, I will post in channel ^^ 
I did 2 already. You can see bellow:

In this you will find the "Lalala" part, so in covers/collabs who sounds weird or you is just lazy to record this part, you can use and will sounds good ^^~ The instrumental and audio used like holder are under SMEnt and EVERYSING. I just edit the song ^^

And for CMIUC, I see this in 4SHARED, so how in YT don't have (yet) a instrumental for this, I edit and put the dance breaks with sound of original track, soooo can sound more like a official instrumental and less like weird edition XD I always do this to SNSD songs, btw, soooo if someone want use this for your cover/collab, you can take ^^

Hope you like it, I think, I will do more, since some songs are rly good, but don't have a instru. Always will try take good clips, but sometimes I just can't, so... sorry if some song don't good like these ones. For this 2 songs I find very good mr before edit, so when I can't find, is really hard do something. 

domingo, 10 de maio de 2015

Feliz dia das mães! / Happy mom's day!

So, 1st I didn't know before if I really will do this, but I just did XD
And yeah, is a PT-BR version of DEAR MOM by GG. I know, I need release my cover of this, but I just have time to sing one song and I decide do in portuguese this time. I hope you still like it!


sexta-feira, 17 de abril de 2015

SNSD - Catch Me If You Can (Cover + Acapella)


GG back to us with CMIUC and I rly love the song. I still missing Jessica-eonnie, but if she is ok, I will be ok too. I just wanna my girls being happy and more happy everytime.
The song is so catchy, great and powerful! The chorus take my heart! I'm going to find my heart to, you will see something new soon xD buuuuuuuut I don't will say more here! Just: STAY TUNED!

I put all my heart and feeling while singing, so I hope it's ok, cause' I love sing this song and harmonies <3 and everything <3 <3

NOTE: In 3:43 begin ACAPELLA.

You can hear this in YT and in SC (2 links).