sábado, 16 de maio de 2015

Instrumental & MR Removed & Edit

Another fast post, btw.
I'm just here to say, if I do editions and instrumentals, and anything like this, I will post in channel ^^ 
I did 2 already. You can see bellow:

In this you will find the "Lalala" part, so in covers/collabs who sounds weird or you is just lazy to record this part, you can use and will sounds good ^^~ The instrumental and audio used like holder are under SMEnt and EVERYSING. I just edit the song ^^

And for CMIUC, I see this in 4SHARED, so how in YT don't have (yet) a instrumental for this, I edit and put the dance breaks with sound of original track, soooo can sound more like a official instrumental and less like weird edition XD I always do this to SNSD songs, btw, soooo if someone want use this for your cover/collab, you can take ^^

Hope you like it, I think, I will do more, since some songs are rly good, but don't have a instru. Always will try take good clips, but sometimes I just can't, so... sorry if some song don't good like these ones. For this 2 songs I find very good mr before edit, so when I can't find, is really hard do something. 

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