segunda-feira, 22 de junho de 2015

SNSD - Catch Me If You Can (Jap - OT9 Version)

To be honest, I do not think Jessica add something to the song. I like your "I'll find my heart" and the high note, but it's just strange to see it now in the group.

I cried so much when I read all about it left the group, which is supposed to be their life and love, and now, when I see what she's saying things like "I'm a woman and I can not be happy all the time, like me, like before, "I feel like something lost. I'm not saying it has to lie to look more nice, but it's like she can not stand girls who are like sisters to her for almost 10 years (and more, you know, I'm talking about trainee time too).
So now, I want her back to the group. I miss his voice and his lazy dance, but being honest, do not look like SNSD miss something because all 09 girls are amazing in what form.
And the last: I liked more Sooyoung mid-high line before Taengoo Jessica, but I do not hate it, it's just what I feel / think about it.

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