sexta-feira, 24 de junho de 2016

I'm coming back!

Hi! Well, after a long time without posting anything here, I'm back XD
I'm thinking about do a facebook page, so will be more easier to post and let this blog die, since will be the same content there. 

Look, I'm always in fb so we'll be looking to each other more fast, aren't we?

I'm still posting on my YT channel, so please, take a look there and in my sc of course! 

This morning I was recording SISTAR's new song "I like that" and is good! I didn't think it'll be since I give the first hear and was just like "wooo i like that" haha~~ 

Hope you'll like my cover too >.< 
Maybe will be post in this night, I don't know, if I finish the mixing, will be today, but in sc. I always post audio there before the video is out, so stay tuned ^^

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