sexta-feira, 13 de março de 2015


I will try put a lot of covers in this week/month since I have a little of time. Soooo... what songs I already recorded? Are you curious?

>> Black Swan - Rainbow
Awwww! I just in love, so hard! Anajusseyyyyo!

>> Like A Cat - AOA 
I recorded this has a lot of time, buuuut I don't upload, so I will in some days.

>> Secret/Luv - APink
Other songs I already recorded in comeback of them, buuuut I don't have my Vegas working, so just now I will put in channel.

>> Happiness - Red Velvet
I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE that song! And I have a little old cover for this and yeah, this week on channel.

>> Divine/Indestructible - SNSD
I thinking about record covers of these two since is out, but just now I have time.

NOTE: Indestructible has an portuguese version on channel.

Hey, I have a lot of covers olds! But I promise, I will show you something different coming soon!

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